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Amazon has published ‘Malice’ with a new cover.

The best selling  ‘Malice in Pinderland’ has been published by Amazon It has a new cover design but is the same book inside. Thousands have been asking where can they but it, now they have the answer. ‘Malice’ remains as … Continue reading

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The Threat to the Ecosystem of Egg Island.

Egg Island is a small uninhabited island of approximately 12 acres located in Eleuthera, Bahamas. It’s so named because it was once home to chickens owned by residents of other nearby islands who travelled there to collect their eggs. The … Continue reading

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The ‘Malice in Pinderland’ tradegy.

I lived in North Eleuthera for almost 10 years. I went there to raise fish using a floating-cage fish farming technique. It was to be a first for the Bahamas, and I had the government’s full support and the financial … Continue reading

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