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Malice in Pinderland

When Malice in Pinderland is made into a major movie its stars will most likely be Hugh Grant and Halle Berry. So as you read this light hearted romantic novel, keep these two stars in your thoughts.


David (the Hugh Grant role) is a likeable scoundrel from London who is persuaded to leave town and ‘get lost’ for a while. He picks Spanish Wells, an island in the Bahamas, as his getaway location. On the flight to the Bahamas he is seated next to Melanie (the Halle Berry role) who is returning home after graduating from University as a lawyer. David settles into Spanish Wells where one day he observes one of the fishing boats unloading its cargo of lobster tails, when the job is concluded the crew is paid off in cash. Lots of cash! David cannot resist the temptation and plots a bank heist. He’s successful but winds up with millions of Bahamian dollars. He hatches a scheme to exchange these dollars that takes them on a trip to Las Vegas, Bermuda, London and back to the Bahamas. Of course they fall in love along the way but their romance is far from the conventional.

From his early beginnings, Ernie had two gifts that made him special, his music, and his irresistibility to women. Both gifts are explored in detail within this book, but it’s his role as ‘God’s gift to Women’ that is the main focus. The Women in his life include his Mother, his Daughter, his Sister, his Niece, his many girlfriends, and his two wives. It’s the story of a man with diverse talents, equally as proficient on the concert stage as he is in the bedroom, but a man who has difficulty in taking criticism or advise. Ernie is funny, sexy, cocky and entertaining, at least in his own mind.

The Kantaberry Tales


The twelve stories that comprise the Kantaberry Tales are about the people and events that have helped to identify this part of the Bahamas known as North Eleuthera as the most unique and diverse place within the country. From tales of shipwrecks and pirates, of child prodigies and teenage pregnancies, of Haitian voodoo and mail order brides, there’s a story here that will make you think, laugh or cry, but a story that you will remember and want to share with a friend. Whether you were born here or just visiting, you will recognize the characters that come to life within these pages, you’ll nod your head in agreement and say to yourself ‘ I know who that is’ or ‘that could be me’.
Did Calico Jack actually marry Annie Bonnie and did they spend their honeymoon on Royal Island?
Were Hector Fernandez’s grandparents shipwrecked on the Devil’s Backbone?
Was Emily Pinder’s father the pharmacist who sold the condoms to her boyfriend Jack?
Do David and Melanie still collect the interest on the 9 million dollars?
And how could Desmond Newbold’s sister be so deceitful?
Just between you and I, there’s hardly a word of truth in any of the stories but I know that many of you will believe every word that’s written.




As a kid living on the streets of Detroit Jake learned early in life never to trust anyone. But by accident he meets Kate, and for the next twenty five years of his life he continually meets Kate. Their paths cross as she helps him, then as he helps her, over and over again. He takes his vows and becomes a priest while she takes a different set of vows and becomes a hooker. She goes undercover for the FBI, he raises her bastard child as his own. It’s a love story that cannot have a happy ending, or can it?







The town of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea is inhabited by a unique mixture of strange characters whose stories are compiled into this book. From writers to bankers, from millionaires to homeless bums, from bartenders to gourmet chefs, each has a story to tell and to be identified with. You might find yourself within these pages!





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