As a kid living on the streets of Detroit Jake learned early in life never to trust anyone. But by accident he meets Kate, and for the next twenty five years of his life he continually meets Kate. Their paths cross as she helps him, then as he helps her, over and over again. He takes his vows and becomes a priest while she takes a different set of vows and becomes a hooker. She goes undercover for the FBI, he raises her bastard child as his own. It’s a love story that cannot have a happy ending, or can it?


 The Lauderdale-by-the-Sea Anthology.



The town of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea is inhabited by a unique mixture of strange characters whose stories are compiled into this book. From writers to bankers, from millionaires to homeless bums, from bartenders to gourmet chefs, each has a story to tell and to be identified with. You might find yourself within these pages!


8641eebe-ac33-4fa5-9a69-6d37a2516f2aDuring the Nazi occupation of France in WW2, General Hans Reichman was given the task of confiscating musical instrument from French musicians and sending them to Germany for their use by the Hitler youth. He did a fine job but he secretly kept some of the more valuable instruments, and it is these instruments that later became known as the ‘Reichman Collection’, and is the subject of this book.

SAFE SEX. & MAIL ORDER BRIDE.: Bahamian short stories.


Spanish Wells is home to many affluent local fishermen. They enjoy all the comforts of life, but many are not to swift. These two stories are mostly true.




BUGGYS & The DROP: Bahamian Short Stories


These two stories are based on my experiences in the Bahamian islands of Spanish Wells and Harbour Island.




NABBED. & CON JOB.: Bahamian Short Stories.


These two short stories depict the final chapters in the lives of David and Melanie the two much-adored characters from the best-selling book ‘Malice in Pinderland’.





When Calico Jack and Anne Bonnie were the curse of merchant ships trading within Bahamian waters, the island of Royal Island was called Ryal Island, and was the home to this infamous couple.



                         content_5044774_DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAIL   A witness, who remains silent, is caught in a church with two young men who are running from the police after robbing a 7/11 store. His dilemma is whether to help or do nothing.



The Devil’s backbone is a treacherous coral reef which lies off of the shore of North Eleuthera, Bahamas. The ocean floor between the coral heads is littered with the remnants of numerous shipwrecks that have occurred on the reef, and many legends have their beginnings here. One such legend is cited in this book.
Even today, Yachtsmen travelling the waters of North Eleuthera to visit Harbour Island are warned to use the services of a local guide and to advise their insurance companies of their plans.

VOODOO. & HUTIA.: Bahamian Short Stories.


These two stories are centered around the Haitian community of North Eleuthera. The culture of this community has added an intriguing new dimension to this part of the Bahamas.



CASSIE, RITCHIE and JACQUES : Bahamian Short Stories.

content_5019412_DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAILThe story of three teenagers born in the same village with similar educations. But the similarity ends there. Their lives take very different turns, and their futures are changed dramatically.



Running a B&B is not for dummies.


Do’s and Don’ts when starting a Bed and Breakfast. This book covers Insurance, Reservation software and marketing.


An ‘old farts’ guide to Good Health.

My answer to the question of my longevity and apparent good health.content_4847863_DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAIL






content_5034843_DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAIL      Ernie in Paris stands here as a short story. It is adapted from ‘The Women in Ernie’s Life’ a complete full length novel by the same Author.


Things To Do in Ft. Lauderdale:


For the visitor or for long-time area resident, this To Do book supplies an insider’s look at the many varied attractions that Ft. Lauderdale has to offer.








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