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Trump isn’t smart, savvy or sophisticated enough to run this country.

We now have a president whose actions are governed by emotions: envy, vanity, guilt, hatred and, chief among them, fear. Donald Trump seems to have become shaken by fear that his base might abandon him because of his inability to … Continue reading

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“It’s a race to the bottom.”

One former official who has been the subject of the president’s taunts had choice words for him on Twitter. John O. Brennan, a former C.I.A. director who now refers to himself as “a nonpartisan American who is very concerned about … Continue reading

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Let’s call it what it is……CORRUPTION!

By any definition this so called ‘gun lobby’ is out and out bribery and is political corruption. Attention is being thrust back on the gun lobby as lawmakers give gun control measures a fresh look in the wake of the … Continue reading

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All you need to know about Alzheimer’s.

I just published a new e-book on Kindle, it will be available on Friday. It is non-fiction and a complete guide to understanding Alzheimer’s disease. My portion of the proceeds will go to Alzheimer Research Foundation. If you know someone … Continue reading

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This is ‘Trump’s’ great America!

A United Nations official investigating poverty in the United States was shocked at the level of environmental degradation in some areas of rural Alabama, saying he had never seen anything like it in the developed world. “I think it’s very … Continue reading

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Just an average day? When will it stop?

Enlightened lawmakers are renewing their calls for gun control, following the largest mass shooting in Texas history, as The Great Wizard of Oz (a.k.a. President Donald Trump) and local lawmakers insisted firearms are not the problem. The renewed guns debate … Continue reading

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