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He’s running scared of the ‘mob’.

Trump’s default position is the use of fear. Scared about his prospects should Democrats take control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate, Trump is campaigning like crazy, trying desperately to stir his base to action, and he … Continue reading

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Was Serena right or wrong?

The villain in the episode is not the umpire who has been criticized for his actions, but the coach who flagrantly broke the rules. He was coaching from the sidelines and caught on camera. He even admitted it in an … Continue reading

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Obstruction of justice bombshell will explode before midterms…bye, bye Trump!

The odds are very high that Mueller will offer a declarative public statement before the midterm elections, and very likely before Labor Day, that the president is guilty of obstruction of justice. The Mueller declaration of obstruction of justice could … Continue reading

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C’est un tabernac!

President Trump lashed out at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the country’s trade relationship with the U.S. Sunday accusing Canada of “charging massive Tariffs” to U.S. businesses. In a tweet sent Sunday while en route to Singapore, Trump pointed … Continue reading

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My book is up for a “best new fiction’ award! You’ll be the first to know if I win.

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Amateur diplomacy by the ‘Three Stooges!’

Trump’s impulsive actions and the subsequent failure of his summitry amply demonstrate the limitations of a president who operates from the “gut” with virtually no understanding of the complex issues involved. Rather than win a Nobel Peace Prize, he once … Continue reading

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