Growing up I wasn’t particularly good at English, but I was lucky enough to have a very good English language teacher. His name was Mr. Cox, we nicknamed him Freddie because there was a popular footballer of that name at that time. He made his lessons interesting and he soon discovered that even though I tended to be lazy I did possess a very imaginative mind. I still have it, and it may be my greatest asset.

262246_224383734252851_1842308_nI wrote my first ‘book’ when I was about sixteen, I don’t remember its name, but I do recall the chapter about the French resistance operative who worked at a circus and somehow trained his pet dogs to deliver secret messages through their movements during his circus act.

My imaginative trait became more evident when I studied advanced creative writing at University. My weekly work became the highlight of the student body as they waited each week for my assignment to be read aloud as the climax to the lecture. Looking back it was probably this admiration exhibited by my peers that convinced me that I had something unique to offer. I went on to write lousy poetry, a boring 3 act play, and a few ‘funny’ skits for the local theatrical company.

I still have a box full of discarded manuscripts, brilliant novels waiting to be published, and movie screenplays waiting to be made into award-winning films.



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