Was Serena right or wrong?


The villain in the episode is not the umpire who has been criticized for his actions, but the coach who flagrantly broke the rules. He was coaching from the sidelines and caught on camera. He even admitted it in an interview. Serena’s anger should have been directed at him, and since she pays his salary and he may have cost her the match she should fire him.

And for commentators such as Chrissy Everet to suggest ‘that everybody does it’ is neither a valid excuse nor a reality.

Has anyone seen Stefan Eckberg coach Federer from the sidelines, or Uncle Tony coaching Nadal? Of course not; they know the rules.

I’m all for Women’s Rights and equality, but in tennis where the women play just three sets while the men play five their respective pay should not be the same. In fact if the major tournaments were separated to Women only and Men only, the WTA would be out of business.

For the winners of the US Open to receive the same prize money of $3.5 million is ridiculous.


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