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Trump up for Nobel Peace Prize? This must be a joke!

With the unthinkable now cautiously possible, peace between North and South Korea, speculation about President Donald Trump becoming a Nobel Peace Prize winner has begun. If peace in the Korean Peninsula truly happens, the Nobel committee could be left with a … Continue reading

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We’ve seen this movie before. It ended with impeachment.

It would seem but a matter of time before the president of the United States is asked a question under oath and gives a false answer. A lie, in other words. In the prequel, starring Bill Clinton, impeachment followed. When … Continue reading

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Trump isn’t smart, savvy or sophisticated enough to run this country.

We now have a president whose actions are governed by emotions: envy, vanity, guilt, hatred and, chief among them, fear. Donald Trump seems to have become shaken by fear that his base might abandon him because of his inability to … Continue reading

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