Do not vote for an NRA funded candidate!

Nothing will change unless young and old who oppose the N.R.A. run for office, vote, help someone vote, register someone to vote or help fund someone’s campaign — so we can threaten the same electoral pain as the National Rifle Association, which, according to PolitiFact, spent $203.2 million between 1998 and 2017 funding its candidates, defeating gun control advocates and lobbying. This is not about persuading people with better ideas. We’ve tried that. It’s about generating raw electoral power and pain.


Because most of the G.O.P. members of Congress who do the N.R.A.’s bidding care about only one thing: their jobs. The pay of a typical congressman is $174,000 — and free parking at Reagan National Airport — and they will sell themselves to whoever can generate the votes to enable them to keep both.

Trying to embarrass them to act on principle is wasted breath. I suspect they’re already embarrassed. When these G.O.P. lawmakers are alone at home contemplating the pictures of all these kids gunned down in Florida — thinking about what it’d be like to be one of their parents — plenty of them probably feel filthy for doing the N.R.A.’s bidding.

They know full well that most voters are not asking to scrap the Second Amendment, but for common-sense gun laws that could prevent or reduce more school shootings and would not interfere with any decent Americans’ right to own guns for hunting, sports or self-protection.

They know full well that a common-sense banning of all military assault weapons, high-capacity magazines and bump stocks, or mandating universal background checks for gun buyers or to prevent terrorists and the mentally ill from buying guns, would not curb the constitutional right to bear arms.

They know full well that they’re in the grip of an N.R.A. cult, whose heart is so frozen, it’s content to watch innocent children and adults get gunned down weekly — rather than impose common-sense gun limits. They know all of this — but they suppress it, because they also know if they vote for common-sense gun laws, the N.R.A. will fund their next opponent. Like I said, this is just about raw naked power, and that is what sensible gun control advocates have to generate more of now — in the form of votes and campaign funding. Otherwise nothing changes.

The planned march of the NEVER AGAIN movement to be held on March 24th. in Washington D.C. will be the largest protest rally ever held in the Nation’s capital. But just remember that sitting at home are an additional 25 million young passionate people who couldn’t make it to the Capital. Add in most of their parents and you have a potential voting block of 40 t0 50 million votes, enough to ensure that any candidate up for election or reelection who has received funding from the NRA will not win their election. Between now and the upcoming elections details of every candidate who is beholden to the NRA should have their financial contribution recorded made public for all to see.

Hit them where it counts!

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