JAKE…….maybe my best yet!

9f92fc06-5bf3-41f0-9fda-f00d572e61abJAKE my latest novel is now available on Kindle.

It has been reviewed and given the ‘thumbs up’ by the critics. One said it is my ‘best novel to date’, another pointed out that ‘subject matter while controversial was both timely and beautiful portrayed’

As a kid living on the streets of Detroit Jake learned early in life never to trust anyone. But by accident he meets Kate, and for the next twenty five years of his life he continually meets Kate. Their paths cross as she helps him, then as he helps her, over and over again. He takes his vows and becomes a priest while she takes a different set of vows and becomes a hooker. She goes undercover for the FBI, he raises her bastard child as his own. It’s a love story that cannot have a happy ending, or can it?

The print version will be available in January.

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