New Guiness World record for shortest hip scar?


Did I make it? Mine is 3.25 inches long. Most are over 4 inches and many over 5 inches long. My doctor says that the determining factor of the length of the scar is the diameter of the ceramic ball which forms a part of the new prosthetic hip. This ball is 3 inches in diameter and will not fit through an incision of less than 3 inches in length……seems pretty obvious to me. How the surgeon managed to maneuver the ball and his tools through such a small incision is a mystery to me, but he did and his surgical team was ecstatic. I was kinda out of it at the time so was not able to celebrate with them.

I thought about taking a selfie of the scar, but that’s kind of gross. I cannot think of anyone who might have an opportunity of checking my scar, so my record will have to remain private.

Minimally invasive and small incision total hip replacement surgery is an evolving area and more research is needed on the long-term function and durability of the implants.

The benefits of minimally invasive hip replacement have been reported to include less damage to soft tissues, leading to a quicker, less painful recovery and more rapid return to normal activities. Current evidence suggests that the long-term benefits of minimally invasive surgery do not differ from those of hip replacement performed with the traditional approach.

Like all surgery, minimally invasive surgery has a risk of complications. These complications include nerve and artery injuries, wound healing problems, infection, fracture of the femur, and errors in positioning the prosthetic hip implants.

Like traditional hip replacement surgery, minimally invasive surgery should be performed by a well-trained, highly experienced orthopedic surgeon.




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