My EBOLA prevention procedure.

The outbreak of Ebola has captured the headlines and has already killed more than 4000 people in West Africa. The prediction for the virus’s exponential acceleration is extremely dire and is a serious threat to civilization. Many questions remain unanswered and the information regarding its transfer is unclear.
We have been told that it can only be transferred by the exchange of bodily fluids. I’ve counted mine and I think I have a total of five; blood, semen, sweat, urine and saliva. On most days I don’t exchange any of these with other people, except sweat which can be exchanged with a handshake. I don’t kiss or have sex with a lot of people during my daily routine nor do I bleed or piss on them, but I do shake hands a lot. Would the simple wearing of thin protective gloves eliminate this exchange possibility? If so it should be a mandatory procedure at all airports, train stations, bus terminals and any place where we are likely to meet and greet people. It would become a habit just as putting on your socks or pants have become a habit. I’d wear them if it could save my life!

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