Am I missing something?

th0H5DHGGSJust three weeks ago Obama and several European leaders all got their collective knickers in a twist and accused Putin of ‘invading’ Ukraine. At the UN General Assembly it was called a flagrant violation of Ukraine’s territory as a sovereign nation, and was in direct violation of International law.
Now the mighty American war machine has been unleashed in Northern Syria, with numerous missile strikes and countless numbers of bombs being delivered from sea based jet aircraft. France has joined the fray and the UK is gearing up to do its duty.
Is there a subtle difference here, or am I missing the point of this action? Isn’t bombing buildings and people a flagrant violation of International Law, and doesn’t this action constitute an invasion of sovereign territory. Have these aggressive nations actually declared war on Syria? Did anyone confer with Assad and ask for his permission to bomb his country? For more than two years he has claimed that he was fighting against terrorists not his own people, maybe we should have listened to him!

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