My eBooks are now on Barnes & Noble’s NOOK eReader.

Yesterday I saw someone reading an eBook on a device from Barnes and Noble called a Nook. I’m sure it has some features that compare favorably with Amazon’s Kindle reader, and maybe it has some better features. I have no idea which is the best and I’m not here to make a comparison. What I did learn is that while it is possible to upload a Kindle eBook to a Nook device or a Nook eBook to a Kindle device, most owners of these devices stick to the inventory of eBooks that’s readily available to them.
W in Waders Pin Up 1For the Author it makes sense to have books on both devices, and I thought it would be a simple process to transfer my eBooks from Kindle to Nook. It is fairly straight forward to publish the text but the cover is a problem. Most of my Kindle eBook covers were designed using the Kindle Cover Maker software and those covers cannot be transferred to Nook. So I have had to redesign the covers of my books. For instance this is the new Nook cover of ‘The Cure’. So be warned, it is the same book inside. Heaven help me if someone should actually wind up buying both…..what would I do? I may not sleep tonight for worrying about it!

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