Facebook & Twitter, the ANTISOCIAL MEDIA!

We are all mourning the untimely suicide of Robin Williams, and it is difficult for us to understand how a person with a history of such success and popularity could suffer from such severe depression.
Society is becoming more and more isolationist, and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and all the others are a major contributor to this problem. Did you know that suicides, identity theft, stalking and self-mutilation crimes have increased by as much as 60%-80% since the advent of so called social media? I would suggest that we consider renaming these sites as antisocial media.
People are encouraged to hide behind the convenient anonymity that these sites provide, and many have lost the ability of interacting with people on a face to face basis. Socializing with actual people is becoming a practice our Grandparents enjoyed, and is now defunct. Soon dancing and dating will be obsolete and sexual pairings to procreate will be the norm while such words as love, romance, anticipation and goose-bumps will no longer have the same meanings.
It’s depressing!

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