Short teasers to whet the appetite.

I may be the slowest Author on the planet, or the dumbest, but I have finally come to realize that young readers like to read short books. Maybe it’s a trend based on their short attention span or on their high expectations and a desire for instant gratification, but the days of Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy are over. I’m sorry to have to beak this news to these two Russians, but it is a fact.
With this starling revelation in mind I have opted to publish short ‘teasers’ of a couple of my regular length novels. These teasers are nothing more than a couple of chapters to whet the reader’s appetite, and hopefully they will enjoy the excerpt enough to prompt them to but the full novel.content_5086974_DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAIL
content_5034843_DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAILI’ve added ‘Pinderland’’ a teaser from ‘Malice in Pinderland, and ‘Ernie in Paris’ a teaser from ‘The Women in Ernie’s Life’ to my ever growing list of Kindle books.
‘Ernie in Paris’ is free for a short promotional time right now and if the idea is successful I’ll repeat the promotion with ‘Pinderland’.

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