Lower your Cholesterol the sensible way.

Some years ago I was asked to ghost write a book about Cholesterol for a prominent Australian heart doctor. The book was highly technical and had several chapters devoted the biochemistry of the synthesis of cholesterol. Much of the book revolved around the arguments surrounding the use of Statin drugs, their effectiveness and their inherent dangers. Several books have been written on this subject, and ‘The Cholesterol Myth’ is still avidly read and discussed by statin drug users and non-believers in these drugs.
I believe that statin drugs are ineffective in 90% of the patients using them, but they still constitute the single largest source of income for the drug manufactures.

content_5051035_DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAILIn nature Cholesterol only occurs in animals. And humans manufacture Cholesterol all the time as it is vital to our very life. There is no optimum level; we are all different and our Cholesterol levels are also different. Here’s the argument that convinced me.
It would be logical to assume that a true vegetarian, a person or a member of a vegetarian community that has never eaten animal products would have a very low Cholesterol level. Tests on such individuals have shown that their Cholesterol levels are very similar to just about everybody else; some high and some low.
In contrast, the Masia people of Africa enjoy a completely animal product diet of raw meat, fresh animal blood, thick white lard or fat and they rarely consume vegetables. Guess what? Their Cholesterol levels are just the same as everybody else; some high and some low.
My advice, for whatever its worth, is not to take statin drugs and if you’re worried about your Cholesterol level simply change your diet and do a little exercise. This book ‘How to Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally’ provides an alternative and a few suggestions to keep you healthy.

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