‘Running a B&B is not for Dummies’ takes off.

Every Author dreams of writing a best-seller. What constitutes a best-seller? Is it the number of copies sold in a given time period, or is it acclaim by the literary critics, or is it something much simpler than either definition.


I can remember the day that I saw someone reading one of my books at the airport. We were both waiting for the same plane, I’ve forgotten where I was headed, but I will never forget the thrill it gave me to see someone engrossed and enjoying the words I had written. They might have been the only buyer, but to me it was instantly a best-seller. Now I check the Amazon Kindle book sales reports every day to see if I have a best-seller in the making.

‘Running a B&B is not for Dummies’ is selling well, and if it continues to do so into the future, it will be a best-seller!

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