He’s running scared of the ‘mob’.

downloadTrump’s default position is the use of fear. Scared about his prospects should Democrats take control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate, Trump is campaigning like crazy, trying desperately to stir his base to action, and he knows that the easiest way to do that is to stoke its anger, to appeal to the same misogyny, racism, nationalism and insecurity that carried him to the White House.

In campaign stops, he keeps saying that he’s on the ticket, that these state and local elections are not about the individual candidates but about him, his supporters and whether or not the dark vision of a diminished America that he has ushered in will survive.

Trump is trying desperately to elevate immigration as a burning issue again, focusing his fire on a caravan of immigrants from Central America plodding northward toward the U.S. This is an easy target for Trump and his base because it encapsulates a sentiment without expressly articulating it: America is being invaded and overrun by people who are not white and not European, which risks the maintenance of American heritage, which is white heritage. White people’s control of this country is in danger and under assault and must be defended and protected at all costs. But rather than ever using words like white supremacy and white nationalism, he uses proxies, like law and order, border walls and infestation.

And he now wants to cast liberals and Democrats as mobs. Well, count me among the mob, if that means people who stand in opposition to Trump’s degradation of the country in all ways. If the mob stands up for women and stands up to the National Rifle Association, I want in. If the mob hates corruption and loves the increasing diversity of this country, then it is for me. If the mob finds it abhorrent that during the same week that it became clear that a Washington Post columnist had been killed in a Saudi Arabian consulate, Trump praised an American politician who assaulted a journalist, then yes, yes, yes to the mob.

Trump’s strategy will work. He now knows the people who support him very well. He has never stopped playing to them and campaigning for them. They are family. They feast together on hatred and intolerance. We must conceive of the country we want and drive relentlessly toward it, not because we are thunderstruck by the sheer immorality that has risen to the pinnacle of power, but because we know that power is in fact a possession of the people in a democracy and we can both harness it and assert it.

Stay focused on the future. It belongs to an America that looks absolutely nothing like Trump’s America.


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Was Serena right or wrong?


The villain in the episode is not the umpire who has been criticized for his actions, but the coach who flagrantly broke the rules. He was coaching from the sidelines and caught on camera. He even admitted it in an interview. Serena’s anger should have been directed at him, and since she pays his salary and he may have cost her the match she should fire him.

And for commentators such as Chrissy Everet to suggest ‘that everybody does it’ is neither a valid excuse nor a reality.

Has anyone seen Stefan Eckberg coach Federer from the sidelines, or Uncle Tony coaching Nadal? Of course not; they know the rules.

I’m all for Women’s Rights and equality, but in tennis where the women play just three sets while the men play five their respective pay should not be the same. In fact if the major tournaments were separated to Women only and Men only, the WTA would be out of business.

For the winners of the US Open to receive the same prize money of $3.5 million is ridiculous.


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Obstruction of justice bombshell will explode before midterms…bye, bye Trump!

muellerThe odds are very high that Mueller will offer a declarative public statement before the midterm elections, and very likely before Labor Day, that the president is guilty of obstruction of justice.
The Mueller declaration of obstruction of justice could be issued in the form of a letter to Congress and may or may not ultimately be issued in the form of an indictment if he believes that the Trump situation creates extraordinary circumstances that warrant his seeking approval for a formal indictment.

Consider the articles of impeachment against Richard Nixon that were passed by the House Judiciary Committee before Nixon resigned. Article 1, Section 8 of the articles of impeachment included this:
“making or causing to be made false or misleading public statements for the purpose of deceiving the people of the United States into believing that a thorough and complete investigation had been conducted with respect to allegations of misconduct on the part of personnel of the executive branch of the United States and personnel of the Committee for the Re-election of the President, and that there was no involvement of such personnel in such misconduct.”
In other words, repeatedly making false statements intended to deceive the public about matters under investigation constitute acts in furtherance of obstruction of justice in violation of American law.

While Trump is in dramatic conflict with cabinet members who warn about the Russian attack, which he falsely claims is a hoax, he attacks the free press for reporting about the Russian attack, which he falsely claims is fake news.
Mueller could argue that Trump is seeking to execute the first televised obstruction of justice, in plain view before the nation every day.
With a high probability that the obstruction issue reaches a crescendo before the midterm elections, there is now a growing likelihood that an anti-Trump wave will doom Republicans to a disastrous defeat in November.

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C’est un tabernac!

th5W1HQ7C6President Trump lashed out at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the country’s trade relationship with the U.S. Sunday accusing Canada of “charging massive Tariffs” to U.S. businesses. In a tweet sent Sunday while en route to Singapore, Trump pointed specifically to Canada’s 270% tariff on dairy the origin of his frustrations with Canada.

Trump’s stinging critique — while technically accurate — obscures the larger trade relationship between the two countries. Canada does indeed impose a 270% tariff on dairy that has kept many U.S. dairy products from making their way from the U.S. to Canada. And many other countries rely on similar measures to protect select domestic industries.

But trade policy experts say Canada’s trade relationship with the U.S. is key to our domestic economy. Canada is the top U.S. export market, with the country buying more than $340 billion in American goods and services in 2017, according to data from the U.S. Trade Representative. And, overall, the U.S. has an $8.4 billion surplus with Canada. The U.S. has a significant deficit if only goods are included due to the service-sector-centered nature of the U.S. economy.

Protective measures like Canada’s dairy tariff are common around the world. The U.S. uses tariffs to protect a variety of industries from a 350% tariff on tobacco to more 160% on shelled peanuts. In other cases, such as sugar, the U.S. has crafted a complex program to protect domestic industry by limiting imports.

Trump should realize that the whole North East of the US gets most of its electricity from Canada. A flip of the switch and the Trump Tower would be dark! Now that is a National Security risk!

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My book is up for a “best new fiction’ award! You’ll be the first to know if I win.

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Amateur diplomacy by the ‘Three Stooges!’


Larry, Moe and Curly!

Trump’s impulsive actions and the subsequent failure of his summitry amply demonstrate the limitations of a president who operates from the “gut” with virtually no understanding of the complex issues involved. Rather than win a Nobel Peace Prize, he once again has proved himself to be clownish and incompetent. How things proceed from here is anyone’s guess.


Trump is famously thin-skinned, and his letter reflects his personal pique at the tongue-lashing his administration received. His letter spoke in highly personal terms, praising the “wonderful dialogue [that] was building up between you and me” and then thanking Kim for releasing the Americans he never should have detained (“a beautiful gesture“). To complete the unprofessional tone, he threw in a classic Trumpian boast that while Kim talks about his nukes “ours are so massive and powerful.”

The problem now — and this was among the most troubling aspect of an impulsive decision to hold a summit almost certain to fail (or never occur) — is where we go from here. It’s hard to imagine that lower-level diplomats can resume discussions if the president has thrown in the towel on diplomacy. Trump will no doubt begin banging the drums of war again, enjoying the credit from right-wingers who yesterday were praising him for dropping his bellicose tone.

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