The Mindful Runner (English Edition) por Gary Dudney

The Mindful Runner (English Edition) por Gary Dudney
Titulo del libro : The Mindful Runner (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : November 1, 2018
Autor : Gary Dudney
Número de páginas : 235
Editor : Meyer Meyer Sports

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Gary Dudney con The Mindful Runner (English Edition)

Runners know there’s a profound truth behind the old joke: Running is fifty percent physical and ninety percent mental. The Mindful Runner focuses on the mental side of running. It thoroughly explores the complex landscape of the runner’s mind, offering fresh perspectives on how to get the most out of yourself while enjoying the journey along the way.

Do you enjoy reading about running but think you’ve heard it all? Then this book will delight and surprise you. Full of great stories, it offers new ways to think about running. Running can be a transformative experience, or it can just be great exercise with a tidy bonus of enhanced self-esteem and self-awareness. Learn how to maximize your mental game out there to reach your goals; you’re guaranteed to gain a greater appreciation for the rewards and possibilities inherent in running.

The Mindful Runner

builds on the author’s first running book, The Tao of Running, but broadens the focus to all runners going any distance, ensuring that you recovered with advice on mental strategies that apply in any running situation. Running is a great adventure. Make sure you’re not missing out on it.