The Periodic Table Flash Cards por Edward Ross

The Periodic Table Flash Cards por Edward Ross
Titulo del libro : The Periodic Table Flash Cards
Fecha de lanzamiento : August 25, 2011
Autor : Edward Ross

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Edward Ross con The Periodic Table Flash Cards

These cards offer a tool for reviewing the periodic table. The chemical elements are here divided into 2 groups: more familiar elements and those less familiar. The cards are scrambled to make them less predictable. Before beginning, take a look at the charts provided; they will prove a valuable reference in your study. You can always look back to them for further review.
When working through the cards, I suggest going through the more familiar elements first. The cards will provide the name of the element and you will provide the atomic number and symbol. Once you have worked through the cards in this fashion, go through them again but backwards, reading the atomic number and symbol then providing the element’s name. This way you will have a better grasp of the material.